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At V Boutique we strive to bring our clients a wide range of services. Eduction and expansion is always important to us! We have a wde range of Body Sugaring services, Lash & Brow Services, Teeth Whitening service & Spray Tanning!

We are always advancing in education when it comes to facials! we have an extensive menu of over 20 different facials and body treatments. Our Hydrojelly bar is home to 20 different kinds of customizable masks, 9 different serums & may more add on options! Our facial treatments are completely custom to our clients & we work together with our clients to choose facials that are just right for them. 

If you are suffering with stubborn acne, we highly reccomend coming in for a Green Peel Treatment. The results are amazing and the treatment is a natural based peel. 

Bringing our clients the best products on the market is SO important to us. But also investing in companies that are eco-friendly, organic(or as close to as possible) cruelty free & vegan(when possible) These core values allow us to bring you Canadian Made/Canadian distributed products that support our Canadian economy. 

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