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Facials & Skin Care

* all services & products subject to HST

Come Relax With Us

Hungarian Wellness Facial


Using clay from the beaches of Hungary, this facial is perfect for a client looking to detox and remove toxins from the skin.

PharmaGel Facial

Our PharmaGel facial is a skin treatment formulated with pharmaceutical ingredients that make this treatment remarkably effective. The results during this facial are amazing! You will have noticeably smooth & refreshed skin. This treatment includes a custom essential oil steam, extrations & a decolltage massage with a collagen boosting serum.

Banacne Acne Facial

Acne is Bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Did you know that banana peels are a natural anticeptic? Banana peel extract prevents bacterial growth from occuring on the surface of the skin, this is what allows us to treat acne using the Banacne System. Banana contains plenty of Vitamin E, Lutein, and Zinc.  These ingredients clean up blemishes, prevent wrinkles & help to dy out excess oils that could clog the pores caqnd caue future breakouts.

Peas & Carrots Brightening Facial

Peas and carrots aren't just good for the health of your body but also the health of your skin. Our peas & carrots brightening facial brightens skinn tone and enhances skin texture. Skin brightening can reduce hyperpigmentation, perfect the complexion and reduc oxidative stress. Mixed with our Lycopene detox line this makes for the ultimate brghtening & sun-damage repair facial.

Soothe With Lavendar Facial

Our lavendar soothing facial is available for clients with more sensitive skin. Perfect for those suffeing with dehydrated skin, reduces inflammation and eliminates nervous tension. This is the perfect facial(and the only facial we can provide) for Mommies-To-Be. It enhances & increases natual blood flow to the skin.

02 Phyto-Cellular Facial

Our 02 phyto-cellular facial can be partnerd with our newest facial add on O2toDerm. With a time release oxygen delivery, you can relax and know that your skin is receiving the most optimal oxygen intake. Oxygen boosts cellular regeneration, improves strucural changes assiciated with aging skin. Oxygen treatment reduces inflammation, increases natural collagen production. 

Healing With Mushroom Facial

Mushrooms have many anti-aging and healing properties. Our advanced mushroom facial aids in brightening skin tones, enhances skin texture and eliminates inflammation. Our mushroom facial helps by increasing skin immunity and absorbs toxins in the cells. Mushrooms boost circulation and skin metabolism.

The Gentleman's Facial

 Our gentleman's facial is the perfect way to relax and treat your skin to the care it needs. Free radicals cause damage to the skin and break down skin cells. With the powerful free radical quencher in our Gentleman's facial we cn restore the skins natural balance. We can reduce blackheads and minimize large pores. By revitalizing your complexion, keeping the skin healthy and smooth. We can help reduce oil production which reduces blackheads and breakouts. 

Salt Glows & Scrubs

Full Leg Dead Sea Salt Scrub-$30.00


Full Back Dead Sea Salt Scrub- $40.00

*Add Hungarian Wellness Mud Masks For $10.00


The "Vajacial"

Add Onto Your L.A Bikini Service- $15.00

Facial Add Ons

O2toDerm- $25.00

Microdermabrasion- $25.00

High Frequency- $10.00

Lift & Contour Eye Treatment- $20.00

Lucious Lips Treatment- $15.00

Chitossil Face Lift In A Bottle- $45.00

Firming Enzyme Peel- $30.00

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