What Is HydraBrasion?

Our system hydrates dry skin with a cool and refreshing sensation of water and aloe vera, making aggressive and uncomfortable micro-dermabrasion a thing of the past.

Dead skin cells and pores are exfoliated and suctioned off the skin using a hydra-brasion diamond tip, whilst simultaneously being distributed into a separate waste container.

Stimulates circulation, improving blood flow to the area which aids in tissue repair, revealing smoother skin and promotes collagen and elastin production, as well as cell renewal.

Benefits Of HydraBrasion

  • Prevents breakouts.

  • Gentle, to soothe the skin.

  • Cleanses & deeply exfoliates the skin.

  • Reduce enlarged or clogged pores, blackheads & white heads.

  • Treat acne blemishes.

  • Repair sun damaged skin.

  • Repair age spots and superficial pigmentation.

  • Restore a healthy, smooth feel to the skin.

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