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What Is Professional Body Sugaring?

Professional Body Sugaring is an all natural, organic form of epilation. Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring is the distributor and educator of V Boutique. The sugar used in our salon is 100% all natural, parabin free, chemical free and edible. YES I said it! Our sugar is so natural YOU CAN EAT IT! Sugar hair removal is one of the most effective, less-painful forms of hair removal because sugar is applied against the natural direction of hair growth, meaning that every time we apply the sugar. The hair is always removed in its natural growth direction. This leads to less chances for ingrown hairs, broken hairs & damaged skin. 

Sugar also does not adhere to live skin cells, the sugar can only adhere to dead skin cells. This means that every time we sugar you, you leave with smooth silky skin because the top layer of dead skin is removed! Sugaring is also cost effective, your treatments can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks before you have to return for another round of hair removal. Sugar hair removal allows the freedom to have hair removed from every part of the body and also at a variety of ages. Sugaring is also a service for any gender! Give sugaring a try! All you'll have to say after your service is "SO SMOOTH! SO SWEET!"

Sparked Any Questions?

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